Considerations for Your Internet Connection

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Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep costs down by oversubscribing their networks. A customer's performance is determined by the ISP's subscription rate and the number of customers using the network at any given time. MOREnet does not oversubscribe its backbone or Internet access, so you have guaranteed throughput to the Internet and other MOREnet member sites.


  • What is the ISP's subscription rate for its backbone?
  • What is the ISP's subscription rate for its Internet access?
  • What are the ISP's peak utilization statistics for the past quarter?
  • Does the ISP guarantee throughput to the Internet?

Upload/Download Bandwidth

Many ISPs provide broadband services with asymmetrical bandwidth; that is, the download bandwidth is higher than the upload bandwidth. For customers who host websites for students, parents, clients or patrons; upload data to servers at other sites; or use videoconferencing, the upload bandwidth may be insufficient. MOREnet members recieve symmetrical service. If you have a 10 Mbps circuit with MOREnet, you can upload and download up to 10 Mbps.


  • What is the upload bandwidth being offered by the ISP?
  • Can the ISP provide full symmetrical access on your circuit?

IP Addresses

ISPs normally provide a small number of free IP addresses with a connection but charge extra for additional addresses. In addition, some ISPs do not support IPv6 addresses. We support IPv6 and provide both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses at no additional charge.


  • How many IPv4 addresses come with your circuit?
  • If more addresses are needed, what is the additional cost?
  • Can the ISP provide IPv6 addresses? If not, when?
  • How many IPv6 addresses come with your circuit?
  • If more are needed, what is the additional cost?

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service (QoS) is critical when using applications such as videoconferencing or voice over IP (VoIP). ISPs may or may not ignore QoS markings, but MOREnet honors QoS markings on our backbone to ensure low latency and jitter for critical applications.


  • Will the ISP honor QoS markings to the Internet?

Router Management

Our network technicians manage member connections, including configuring the router, monitoring the connection 24x7 and responding to any outage or warnings that could indicate degraded service. Our engineers are your liaison with the provider, delivering your circuit so you don't have to worry about vendor performance.


  • What are the ISP's router management, connection monitoring and support services?


Threats from hackers, malicious websites and virus are increasing. As part of your MOREnet connection, you can take advantage of the Good Net Neighbor (GNN) and BlackHole Domain Name Service (BHDNS) services to provide additional layers of security for your local network.

Our team of highly trained security analysts monitor security risks and threats and take action to prevent harmful activities. If a security incident occurs, members can call to request assistance to help address the situation.


  • Does the ISP provide security services? If so, what?
  • Does the ISP offer services such as GNN and BHDNS?