Security Cameras

In addition to securing our networks and devices, we are faced with the physical security of our buildings. If you are looking for security cameras and devices you will want to compare this consortium discount with your other offers. We have negotiated a discount on BOSCH security cameras from Wesco, a vendor of security cameras and other physical security devices.


We leverage the buying power of the entire MOREnet Consortium to offer deep discounts on products and services that you find valuable. In the case of these high-quality security cameras from Bosch, our vendor Wesco is offering discounts of at least 10 percent with a larger discount on many styles and models.


All MOREnet members are eligible for this service.

This discount is available directly through Wesco because of a negotiated rate on behalf of the MOREnet consortium.

Chace Green at Wesco
(816) 231-7000

Terms and Conditions

All services are subject MOREnet Service Policies.