Remote Conference Management

Remote Conference Management (RCM) service enables you to monitor and manage your own videoconferences. This service is ideal if you operate a large number of videoconferences at your organization. Manage and view your schedule of upcoming events on MOREnet's video bridge through a single login window.

Manage your own conferences with a click of a button. RCM gives you the ability to adjust listening volumes for each participant, disconnect and reconnect participants, extend conference times, change video layouts, troubleshoot and more.

Remote Conference Management is $208.33 per month ($2,500 per fiscal year).

The service period for members who subscribe to the service after July 1 will begin within 14 days of receipt of the order and end on June 30. The service period will be prorated to reflect the fiscal year.


Members eligible for MOREnet Video Services are also for RCM. This service is ideal for large organizations who originate several hundred events on the MOREnet video bridges each semester.

Purchasing the Service

For additional information about this MOREnet fee-based service, contact or your MOREnet Member Services Advisor.

To purchase this service, complete the online order form.

Terms and Conditions

All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.