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Nearpod is an award-winning interactive content platform used by thousands of schools across the country, transforming classroom engagement. It is also great for libraries that want to promote digital citizenship.

  • Content Tool - Teachers can create and curate their own interactive multimedia lessons by uploading content in a variety of formats and by adding interactive activities such as polls, quizzes, drawing and more.
  • Reporting Tool - Teachers access reports with students' actual answers and activities. Reports are available in PDF and CSV formats.
  • Admin Tool - The dedicated Nearpod Admin of your choosing can access the Nearpod back office to manage users, share presentations, get enhanced reporting and obtain usage statistics. It also includes the ability to set up a Private School Library to more efficiently share content between teachers on demand.
  • Nearpod Store - Teachers can access our store to download free and paid content from major publishers, such as Time for Kids, Common Sense Media, Learnzillion and Read Works, as well as other Nearpod authors (unlimited store subscriptions are available; please contact your account executive for more information).
  • Apps - iOS, Android, Windows, Nook, Web (Nearpod can be used with any and all devices).

Additional Services

Nearpod offers these services for an additional fee. Find pricing in MyMOREnet.

  • Digital Citizenship and Literacy: This program features content from Common Sense Education and empowers students to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly in their digital lives. This K-12 program includes technology applications and media literacy lessons and offers a complete solution for students. Learn more.
  • English Learning: Nearpod EL seeks to empower all educators and millions of English Learners around the country by making English language learning engaging and effective. Through the ease and excitement of using multimedia to teach, celebrate and inspire your English Learners, Nearpod EL brings a truly inclusive and active learning experience to all classrooms. Learn more.
  • Ready to Run Professional Development: Our team of world-class designers has translated expert-derived content into experience-rich, tech-enhanced professional development workshops. Each workshop contains at least 8 hours of expert research from top thought leaders in education. Simply select a session, then run it with your staff. Run each session whenever, wherever and however you want. Learn more.

We leverage the buying power of the entire MOREnet Consortium to offer deep discounts on products and services that you find valuable. For pricing on this service, please log in to MyMOREnet, our members-only portal.


All MOREnet members are eligible for this service.

This discount is available directly through Nearpod because of a negotiated rate on behalf of the MOREnet consortium.

To order, contact Daniel Suede at or (855) 632-7763, ext. 2229.

Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • 20GB of cloud storage space per teacher to store and receive shared Nearpod Lessons.
  • Nearpod lessons can be up to 80MB in size each.
  • Up to 200 concurrent students per Nearpod session (Nearpod Live mode).
  • Nearpod relies on Internet connectivity and it is the district’s responsibility to ensure proper Internet connections.
  • Nearpod software and teacher presentations are hosted on the Amazon S3 cloud, but the hosting provider may be changed at the discretion of Nearpod.
  • Nearpod presentations remain the property of the teacher and/or district. Nearpod is not responsible for recovering presentations or any other user-created content that may be deleted by users.
  • Nearpod accounts are user specific and not to be shared. Allocated licenses may be reassigned to accommodate user changes during the license period.
  • District Edition licenses include all Nearpod product updates during the license period described in this proposal, but does not include additional fee based content or services beyond what is offered in this proposal.
  • Unlimited Student licenses for students currently enrolled at the District are included in the price of District Edition software.