Document Imaging

The document management software from Select Imaging will allow you to store and manage a variety of critical documents, including student transcripts, IEPs, contracts, accounting file, HR files and more. The centralized system allows for remote access, retention management, disaster recovery and other key features to streamline business processes.

Benefits include:

  • Central location to provide access spanning multiple departments, including:
    • Student Records
    • IEPs
    • Human Resources
    • Board Packets & Minutes
    • Accounting - POs, invoices, checks, etc.
  • Instantaneous retrieval of critical documents anytime, anywhere with Internet access
  • Elimination of lost documents due to accidents, theft or misfiling
  • Reduced costs associated with document storage and retrieval
  • Increased usable work space
  • Eliminate duplicate files and binders
  • Minimize printing costs by importing data files
  • Assign document destruction dates based on retention schedule
  • Create and sign and route electronic documents

MOREnet members are eligible for a 20 percent discount.

One Pricing Example

Pricing Model - Select Imaging Document Management Software

Premised Solution - 20 percent discount for MOREnet members

On-premise solution starting at $1,600 per concurrent user license. Includes unlimited number of files stored, mobile interface and remote access capability.

Cloud host solution starting at $140 per month. Includes, unlimited number of concurrent users, secure system backup and web-enabled access.


All members are eligible for this service.


This discount is available directly through Select Imaging because of a negotiated rate on behalf of the MOREnet consortium.

To order, contact:
Bob Featherston at Select Imaging
(913) 747-2700

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