Discussion Lists

MOREnet discussion lists provide an email-based forum where people with similar interests may leave messages for an entire group, just by posting to one email address. To receive the messages, members simply subscribe to the list.

MOREnet discussion lists are operated by a software program called Mailman. Mailman can be thought of as a postman. It sends email messages to the proper recipients and takes care of subscription requests, postings and list archives.

Find information on specific lists at lists.more.net/mailman/listinfo.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to communicate to many individuals with one email message
  • Easy list management using Mailman software
  • Subscription control
  • List moderation
  • Privacy options
  • List archives

System Requirements

An internet connection and an email address.

Discussion lists service is free for MOREnet members.


All MOREnet members are eligible to create and subscribe to MOREnet discussion lists. List owners may approve or deny subscription requests for their lists.

Discussion lists service is free for MOREnet members.

Accessing the Service

To request the creation of a discussion list, please contact technical support at help@more.net. To subscribe to current discussion lists, visit lists.more.net/mailman/listinfo.

Support Provided

MOREnet technicians are available by phone or email to assist with discussion list creation, management and other questions.

Discussion Lists support information is also available in the Technical Support section of MOREnet's website.

Contact Information

or more information about MOREnet discussion lists, members may contact MOREnet Technical Support at by phone at 800-509-6673 or 573-884-7200, or by email at help@more.net.

If you live in the state of Missouri and are not a MOREnet member, see MOREnet Programs to find out if your organization qualifies for membership through a MOREnet program.

Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • At the beginning of each year, discussion list archives older than two years will be expired and discussion lists not used in over two years will be removed.