Service Cancellation Policies

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As members make selections with MOREnet for network connections, network-related services or membership services, MOREnet commits specific resources and expenses to ensure service delivery for all members. To protect the consortium as a whole and buffer all members from the financial variability as membership and service levels shift, MOREnet must ensure that any costs incurred are recovered. An authorized electronic signature from each member organization will be required when ordering network connections.

The following early termination penalties will apply:

One-year Membership Service and Managed Connection Fees:
Should a member elect to cancel service within the one-year service period, MOREnet will follow these guidelines:

Cancellation effective between July 1 and Sept. 30: Fee pro-rated monthly for up to three-months
Cancellation effective between Oct. 1 and June 30: Full annual fee charged

Three-year Membership Service Fees:
Should a member elect to cancel membership services before the end of the three-year service period, the member shall be responsible for the full price differential between the one- and three-year fee, 10 percent of the pro-rated remaining service period fee and an administrative processing fee of $250.

MOREnet Network Connectivity Fees:

MOREnet will review network connectivity fee cancellation costs with each member upon notification of cancellation. Members should provide at least 60 days' notice on all cancellations so we may work with you to avoid additional costs, as most vendors require at least 30 days' notice to cancel circuits.

Vendor Network Connection Fees:

Early termination penalties, as per the current vendor and circuit contract, will apply. Member is responsible for 100 percent of any termination penalty due to early circuit termination.